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Tucson, AZ  – On February 25th, the legendary Paco de Lucia succumbed to a heart attack and the flamenco world mourned the loss of a Spanish virtuoso of flamenco guitar.  Though the art form of flamenco doesn’t usually qualify for national news, the announcement of de Lucia’s death appeared on CNN, BBC, NYT, and NPR.  The concerts, musical compositions, and overflowing memorial events commenced.  This September, Tucson will join the rest of the world in honoring Paco de Lucia with the 2nd Annual Guitar Competition and presentation at the 6th Annual Tucson Flamenco Festival.

Vicente Sanchez, owner of the festival’s sponsor Casa Vicente, commissioned flamenco guitarist Misael Barraza of Sonora, Mexico to prepare a special presentation honoring the guitarist that both Sanchez and Barraza respect and admire.  Barraza, a second-year graduate student at the University of Arizona’s guitar program, has just returned from study at the prestigious guitar master program in Alicante, Spain and is the recipient of several awards from national and international guitar competitions.  Regarding the tribute to the guitar master, Barraza says, “The Tucson Flamenco Festival is the perfect environment to honor Paco and to introduce his mastery and music to the Tucson community.”

Barraza’s presentation in memory of Paco de Lucia will play at the festival on Saturday, September 27th.  He will be accompanied by singer, Macarena Giraldez of Sevilla, Spain, and dancer Mele Martinez of the Tucson Flamenco Studio.